4 Ways to Know Your Auto Repair Tech Is Trustworthy

There are plenty of options available to drivers when it comes to vehicle maintenance and repair. Here are four ways to tell that your service tech is trustworthy and one of the best.

1. Straight Talk

Even the most experienced mechanic can't anticipate every surprise repair or part replacement your vehicle might need. Sometimes what seemed at the outset to be a small job turns into a much larger one simply because the service tech could not see the issue. 

When the unexpected occurs, an honest service tech will let you know as soon as they do. If a tech calls to let you know that the maintenance or repair will be more expensive or take longer than anticipated, ask for more details about the origin of the problem, why it wasn't noticed at the time of the estimate, and different courses of action to fix it. 

If the auto tech can answer these questions with detailed knowledge and confidence, chances are they aren't lying. If it seems that they are evading your questions or answering in vague terms, it might be a good idea to get a second opinion. 

2. Stellar Recommendations

With so many service centers in the area, it is well worth the time to do some research on the one you choose. Start by asking family or friends about their experiences — good and bad. Then read some reviews online about others' experiences or ask the service center if they could recommend any long-time customers who would share with you. 

While online reviews sometimes need to be taken with a grain of salt, they are a good way to get an overall feel for the business. Note the way the repair shop responds to negative reviews. If they discredit or argue with the reviewer, it could be a red flag. Responses that address the issue professionally and courteously demonstrate their level of care for customer service and integrity. 

3. Signed Certifications

Most auto repair centers will display their service techs' certifications, usua lly granted by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. This demonstrates that the mechanics working there have been trained to do the job competently. You may also see other certifications or recommendations from entities such as AAA or the Better Business Bureau. 

4. Service Priorities

Lastly, it's important to go with your gut. When talking with your auto repair tech, gauge whether you feel pressured into making a decision and whether you have all the information you feel you need. Auto repair shops that put the safety of their customers ahead of the bottom-line profit are worth seeking out. For this reason, customer service is one of the highest priorities in an auto repair tech you can trust. 

Start the process today by comparing local auto repair shops.