Why It's Important To Have Your Vehicle's Oil Changed

You may know that you need to change the oil in your vehicle, but you may not be sure why it needs to be done so often. If you are not convinced about the importance of this type of car maintenance, here are some reasons why you need to change your motor oil.

Keeps The Engine Clean

Even though you are putting the oil into a closed container, a lot of debris still manages to get into the oil. This is due to debris found in your vehicle's crankcase, which gets into the oil as it passes through it. While the filter is designed to remove the debris, it can only filter so much of it out. If you leave dirty oil in your vehicle for too long, it will cause damage to the engine that will require repair. Having less debris in the oil is also going to lead to the engine having a longer life. You are better off spending a small amount to change the oil regularly than pay for expensive engine repairs.

Reduces Emissions From Your Vehicle

One of the problems with having dirty engine oil is that it is going to burn as it travels through the engine. This can cause your car to produce more emissions as you are driving down the road. This is a problem that doesn't happen when you have fresh oil because there is less debris inside it that can burn from being heated. This means that oil changes are not only better for your engine; they are better for the environment, as well.

Improves Gas Mileage

Anything that you can do to help your engine run more efficiently is going to cause it to get better gas mileage. The best way you can do this is by providing the engine with clean oil. Debris inside an engine is going to cause a lot of friction, which makes the engine work harder than it has to when in use. Don't believe it? Think about how hard it is to pedal a bike with a rusted bike chain. If you use some fresh oil to lubricate the moving parts, it is going to be easier to pedal. Not changing the oil results in using more fuel and costing you more money over time. 

Think it's time to get your oil changed but can't do it on your own? Take your vehicle to a local auto shop that offers oil changes to get this very important task done.