Selecting A Dump Trailer For Your Business Needs

Operating a business that requires hauling material like gravel, sand or stone to a job site often means that you need a trailer with the capacity to carry the load. A dump trailer could benefit your business and make it easier to load and unload material when you need to.

Finding the Right Trailer

Finding dump trailers for sale is not overly complicated. There are a lot of brands manufacturing them, and a lot of trailer dealers that have them available on their lot. The biggest concern you may have when considering dump trailers is which model is right for your needs. 

Dump trailers have varying load capacities and options available, so you should take the time to go and look at a few models so you can compare them. A single axle trailer with a light capacity may be enough, or you may want a three-axle trailer with a gooseneck that you can pull with a truck and will carry a large amount of material. Determining which trailer is best suited to your needs is something you will need to figure out before you buy one.

Hydraulic Dump Systems

When you are considering a dump trailer, you need to buy one that will work with your tow vehicle. The trailer will use a hydraulic system to raise the bed and dump the load, so the tow vehicle will need to power the system unless your trailer has a battery-powered system already in place. 

If the trailer does use a battery-powered system, you can set it up to charge from the trucks electrical system when the truck is running, or you can use a battery charger to ensure the batteries are ready to go when you hook up the trailer.

Hitches and Towing Solutions

The truck you are going to use to pull the dump trailer needs to have a capacity rating high enough for the trailer and the load. Sometimes changing the number of axles on the trailer will make it easier to tow, but you still need to be able to pull the weight and have sufficient brakes to stop the trailer when you need to. 

The hitch on the truck must have a rating high enough to handle the trailer, so talk to the dealer where you are looking at dump trailers for sale to make sure you buy one that is safe to haul with your vehicle. If you don't have the right hitch on your truck, the trailer dealer may offer hitches and installation as well as trailers for sale, and can often get the truck set up for you.