Auto Detailing To Get Your Car Ready For A Protective Ceramic Coating

Although many people use wax coatings to protect their cars, ceramic coating can be more helpful than wax for a car body. Today's ceramic coatings provide better protection and last longer than traditional car wax products. Before you can have the auto ceramic coating done though, you are going to need to do minor repairs and detailing to get your car ready. The following auto detailing guide will help you get everything done before having the ceramic coating done:

Wash Your Car To Remove Dirt, Grime and Road Debris Before Beginning The Detailing

Get started with the auto detailing to prepare for ceramic coating by washing your car. You will want to thoroughly wash your car to remove the dirt and grime that can build up on paint. Make sure to scrub and wash wheels and the lower areas of the body where road debris can cause spots and damage and make it difficult to apply the protective ceramic coating.

Inspect The Surface Of Auto Body Materials For Damage and Using Paintless Dent Repairs To Fix Minor Dents and Dings

Once the car is clean, you will be ready to begin with further auto detailing and repairs that need to be done. Inspect the surface of the paint and auto body materials for small dents and dings that need to be repaired. You can use paintless dent repair kits to remove the minor damage before moving on to the rest of the detailing and buffing the paint.

Look For Areas Where There Are Scratches That Need To Be Repaired Before Buffing The Paint

Sometimes, there are minor scratches and blemishes on the surface of the paint that need to be repaired too. These problems may be on the surface and can sometimes be buffed out. If there are deep scratches, you are going to want to use matching touchup paint to fix the paint before buffing to blend the paint together.

Complete The Buffing of The Paint and Getting The Car Ready For The Auto Ceramic Coating

The paint of your car will also need to be buffed before the ceramic coating can be applied. Buff the paint and wash your car one last time to complete the detailing. Once the car is clean, use an auto detailing rag to remove and water spots that need to be removed before you have the auto ceramic coating applied to your finish.

If you are ready to protect your car's paint job, contact a ceramic coating service in your area to have the coating applied to protect your car.