Misalignment Indications: Warning Signs To Watch For

Every vehicle depends on a precise alignment of the wheels and tires with the steering rack. Unfortunately, all sorts of things can disrupt that alignment, including potholes, accidents, and even buying new tires. It's important that you are able to recognize the signs of misalignment so that you can seek auto repair services when you need them. Here are some of the most common signs of vehicle alignment problems.

Off-Center Steering

When you are traveling straight down the road, your steering wheel should be straight as well. However, when your car's alignment isn't correct, your steering wheel will often be off-center when you're traveling straight. This happens because the steering rack must be slightly off-center to accommodate for the alignment problem with the wheels.

Drifting To The Side

With a properly aligned car, you can travel down a straight road, take your hands off the wheel, and you will continue to travel straight. However, when the alignment in your car is off, your car will often drift to one side or the other. You may even feel a slight pull to one side when you're driving.

Shaking And Loose Steering

You'll often notice that your car's steering feels loose and that a vibration passes through the steering wheel when the alignment on the car isn't correct. If your steering feels sloppy, like you can move the wheel around a lot without much response from the car, or if you feel even a subtle vibration in the steering wheel, those are indications that your car has an alignment issue.

Tire Wear Issues

A properly aligned car will experience even, consistent tire wear. If you notice inconsistent wear in your tires, such as more wear on one edge or the other, that's another indication that the tires aren't contacting the road the way that they are supposed to. Often the result of misaligned wheels, this tire wear can actually create handling problems and put you at risk of a blowout if you don't address it in a timely manner.

Noises When Turning

Sometimes, creaking noises when you turn in one direction or the other can also be indications that the wheels are not properly aligned. You should have your car's alignment examined by a mechanic so that it can be adjusted if necessary.

If you suspect that your car has an alignment problem, reach out to a local auto repair technician at a company like August European today. He or she can help you address the problem.