The Causes Of Transmission Problems And Knowing When Repairs Are Needed

Knowing the causes of transmission problems is important to know when repairs will be needed. It can also help you prevent problems that lead to costly repairs. Issues with transmissions can be as simple as a small leak, or more serious problems like a damaged gear or flywheel that needs to be replaced. The following causes of transmission problems will help you identify issues and have them repaired:  

  • Minor Leaks and Low Transmission Fluid—The first problem that you will want to look for is a leak. These transmission leaks start off small and can lead to serious damage to your car and trouble changing gears. In addition to the transmission fluid level being low, it may look brownish, discolored, or black due to a leak. If you catch problems with leaks before they get too bad, repairs are often easy and inexpensive.   
  • Metal Particles in the Transmission—Damaged gears and flywheels can cause metal particles in the transmission, which is one of the first signs of a serious problem. This is often due to gears and flywheels that wear and grind. The grinding of the worn transmission parts causes small metal particles to be in the fluid. These problems are often accompanied by noises and difficulty getting your car into some gears.    
  • Failing Clutch or Rolling Bearings in Transmissions—Manual and automatic transmissions have different systems to shift gears, which can wear and cause failure. If your car has a manual transmission, clutch wear can lead to problems with getting your car into gear and shifting. Cars that have automatic transmissions have a bearing that does the job of shifting gears, and these parts can also wear. If you have problems with clutch wear or a failing needle bearing, these parts will need to be replaced by a qualified transmission repair service.   
  • Damaged Linkage Causing Transmission Shifting Problems—Another problem that could cause issues with an automatic transmission is a worn or broken linkage. The problems with automatic transmission linkage can make it difficult to get the transmission into drive, reverse, or lower gears. When you have difficulty getting your automatic transmission in gear, call a transmission repair service to have them check the linkage. Replacing the transmission linkage will be simple and affordable repair.   

These are some of the causes of transmission problems that you may be dealing with. If you have identified the problem with your car, contact a transmission repair service, like, near you for help.