Car Knocking Or Rattling Upon Acceleration? What You Can Do

If your car is making a rattling noise or is beginning to knock as you accelerate, it may be an issue with failing to maintain your vehicle. Your car shouldn't be making these types of noises, and if it's a new noise, you should definitely have it looked into by a professional auto mechanic. Any odd noises your car makes that you aren't sure about should be looked into, as your car may no longer be safe for driving, or you could run it until it breaks down, which could be costly to repair. Read on for a few things you may be able to do on your own to remedy this situation.

Check Your Oil

Even if your low-oil light didn't come on doesn't mean you don't have low oil. Your car may not even have a low-oil light at all, so it's your job to check it to be sure you still have oil in your car. Open the hood and locate the oil cap. Open it up and remove the oil dipstick. Wipe it off with a clean rag, then dip it back into the oil tube. Remove the dipstick and read what it says on the end of the stick. You should be able to tell how much oil you have using the measurements on the stick. If it's low, you should add more oil to your vehicle. Read your car manufacturer's instruction booklet to see how much oil your car should have and how much you should add, as well as what type of oil your vehicle needs.

Consider The Age Of Your Vehicle

Some vehicle models require the oil to be changed much sooner than what you would typically change the oil, especially older vehicles. Older vehicles are going to use more oil, and you will need to check it more often. If you aren't sure if your vehicle is one of these types of vehicles, you can read on-line about other user's issues with your year, make, and model of your vehicle. You can also talk to a mechanic, they may have seen this before with your same type of vehicle and can offer tips on when to change your oil, as well as what type of oil should be used.

If your vehicle is making any noises at all that seem abnormal to you, take it into an auto maintenance service for a diagnostic checkup and for service as needed.