How To Detect 5 Semi Truck Repair Issues

Like any vehicle, a semi will try to tell you when it needs work. It's wise to get on top of semi truck repair problems as soon as possible, and knowing what to check for can make a huge difference. Here are 5 truck repair problems and how to detect them.

Slipping or Popping out of Gear

With the numerous gears used in semis, slipping and popping out of gear is a common problem with rigs. You'll usually find the issue occurs to the high and low sides of a specific gear, often indicating where the problem is. A semi truck repair technician can track the issue down and fix it.


Once more, the gear system is a common culprit. If you notice grinding while shifting and trying to take hills, there's a good chance your rig has transmission issues. If the grinding appears to be constant or triggered by turning, there may be a problem with the steering or suspension systems. These can lead to potentially catastrophic failures. You should get the rig off the road as soon as possible to minimize risk. The issue could be anything from a failing wheel bearing to a busted control arm.

The Truck Has No Guts

Nothing is quite as depressing as hitting the gas and not getting much to show for it. What makes weak acceleration worse is that it's a problem that can sneak up on you. Even if you're only noticing a hint of a problem, get out in front of it by going to a truck repair shop. Also, try to be a little more aware of the issue after long hauls, trips through mountainous or hilly terrain, or drives in hot weather. These scenarios can strain a motor, and a loss of power is often the first indication something's up.

Fluids on the Ground or in the Engine Compartment

Modern rigs should operate in a tightly sealed and relatively clean environment. If fluids are getting out, that's a problem. Don't dismiss a few drops or a little puddle as nothing, or you might pay for when you have to put the hammer down and the engine or transmission just says no.

Trailer Lights Aren't Working

In addition to being a safety issue, this is a problem that can attract the highway patrol. The electrical system that connects to the trailer can suffer a number of issues, from shorts to loose couplings.