5 Sounds Your Car Makes That You Shouldn'T Ignore

When you are driving your car, it is important that you are in-tune with what sounds normally come from your vehicle, and what sounds may be cause for alarm. When your vehicle makes an abnormal sound, it is important to pay attention to that sound. There are some sounds that you just shouldn't ignore

Sound #1: Scraping & Grinding When Braking

When you push on your brakes, you should feel your car slow down. You shouldn't actually hear your car stopping.

If you are hearing a scraping and grinding sound when you are braking, that means that your brakes have worn down to the point where they are metal on metal. Even you keep driving with brakes that are metal on metal, you are doing damage to the brakes and to your vehicle. Get your brakes changed right away.

Sound #2: Loud Roar When Speeding Up

When you speed up, you may hear your engine get a little louder. However, if you hear your engine make a loud roaring sound every time when you hit on the gas.

If your car sounds like it is in a derby every time you accelerate, your exhaust system is more than likely damaged. Your transmission could also be experiencing issues that could be causing the noise as well.

Sound #3: Hissing Sound

When you turn your vehicle off, your car may make some sounds as the parts stop moving and everything cools off. However, the one sound you shouldn't hear when you turn your car off is a hissing sound.

A hissing sound usually means that something is leaking onto an engine part. You could have oil that is leaking onto an engine part. Or you could have coolant that is leaking onto an engine part. If your car is leaking fluids, you need to check your fluid levels to make sure they are safe, and you need to get the leak fixed by your mechanic. Leaks can heat up engine parts, and leaks can lead to serious damage when you don't have the fluids you need in your vehicle.

Sound #4: Knocking Sound

When you are driving, it shouldn't sound like someone is knocking on your front door. A knocking sound is serious. It generally means that your rod bearings are worn out. In fact, they could be close to the point of failure. A knocking sound is really serious and needs to be addressed right away.

Sound #5: Grinding When Shifting

If you hear a grinding sound when you are shifting gears, either manually or automatically, the clutch on your vehicle is not working right. It may be worn out, or it may just need a little adjustment. However, a grinding sound may also mean that something is wrong with your transmission. It is important to get this fixed as soon as possible.

If your vehicle starts to make a sound that is out of the ordinary, and isn't something that you understand or can explain, it is always best to take your vehicle to your mechanic for some auto repair service. The sooner you take care of the sound, generally, the better off your car will be.