2 Types of Issues That Make Your Tires Unsafe to Continue Using

Periodically, you may take a look at your tires to see how well they are holding up. Especially if they are older, you may see some worn tread that serves as a sign letting you know that you may need to replace them soon. However, there are a couple of types of damage that can make your tires unsafe to continue using and indicate that you need to replace them as soon as possible.

1.  One or More Belts Are Showing Through the Rubber Tread

One type of damage that indicates that your tires are unsafe and need to be replaced is when you start seeing one or more silver belts showing through the rubber tread. While tread with some wear on it is still acceptable to drive on, especially until you can replace them, seeing the steel belts running through the rubber is not.

When you start seeing silver lines in the rubber, this means that the tread has worn down so much that it has reached the belts that support the tires and give them shape. These are typically close to the bottom layer of the tread, meaning there's nothing left beyond the belts. Continuing to drive on the tires could either cause a break in one of the belts that could puncture a tire or a blowout once the tread around the belt is gone. 

2.  Any Signs of Damage Affecting the Sidewalls of the Tires

While looking at your tires, if you see any signs of damage to the sidewalls, your tires are not safe to drive on. While the sidewalls help to support the tires, they are thinner than the tread and can blow out easily if their structures are compromised. If you see any tearing, holes in the sidewalls, or any bubbling, these types of damage mean that the sidewalls are no longer strong enough to endure the pressure of the air inside of the tires and the constant road use. They could blow out during a sharp turn or while hitting a large bump.

If you find either of the types of damage above on your tires, you should refrain from driving on them until you either have them replaced to avoid having them go flat or blow out on your while going down the road. Contact a tire dealer near you for assistance with choosing a set of new tires that fit your car's specific make and model.