Everything You Should Know About Tire Maintenance After Winter Weather Passes

As the winter weather starts to come to an end, you are going to need auto maintenance. This upkeep should include checking your tires and getting ready for warmer weather. You may need to change the tires, have them balanced, and have an alignment done. The following end-of-winter tire maintenance will help you prepare for winter:

Inspecting Tire Treads for Signs of Wear

The treads should be the first thing you check when doing tire maintenance. You want to look for signs of wear and problems that need to be addressed. Some of the things to look for when inspecting tire treads include:

  • Worn treads
  • Unusual wear on the tire walls
  • Bulges due to defects and damage

These are some of the things that you will want to look for when inspecting your tire treads. If your tires have visible signs of wear, they need to be replaced.

Changing and Balancing the Tires to Prepare for Spring

When you change the tires, there is also maintenance that needs to be done. They need to be balanced when they are replaced. In addition, check wheels for any damage that can affect the tires. You should have these problems repaired when the tires are balanced. Today, there are options for static balancing and beads that can improve tires. These balancing methods help prevent the tires from becoming unbalanced too quickly.

Make Sure That Your Car Has Had an Alignment Recently

An alignment is important to ensure your tires are wearing evenly. It will also help identify problems with the suspension that should be repaired. Therefore, it is a good idea to have an alignment done. Make sure the alignment is done soon after you have new tires installed on your car. An alignment should also be done when there are handling problems and unusual tread wear.

Caring for Your Tires Throughout the Spring and Summer Months

Lastly, you want to make sure to care for your tires throughout the spring and summer months. The tire pressure needs to be checked whenever you do maintenance. You also want to look for signs of unusual wear, which can be due to the tires being unbalanced or suspension problems. You want to repair problems before they cause you to need new tires and before it is time to have them changed.

The end-of-winter tire maintenance is important to get your car ready after the last frost. Call a tire service if you need new treads to get ready for warmer pavements.