Is Your Transmission In Need Of Repair Or Replacement?

Your vehicle's automatic transmission is a part that is very complex and doesn't exactly have something that you can check to tell you if it's in good or bad condition. That's why it helps to know about some common reasons why your vehicle's transmission is in need of repair or replacement, which can help you catch a problem before it fails completely.

Hard Shifting

Hard shifting is a problem that you'll definitely be able to feel when you are traveling at high speeds, such as when getting onto the freeway where you are quickly increasing your speed and going into higher gears. The vehicle will feel as if it jerks a bit each time it changes between gears. 

This problem could be due to not having enough transmission fluid, which is likely from a leak. You'll need to have the transmission inspected to make sure that the leak is fixed. You can add more transmission fluid to your part as a quick fix, but it will continue to leak over time. 

Slow Shifting

Your vehicle may have a problem with it shifting gears too slowly when accelerating. You'll notice this when getting on the freeway as well, where you are trying to go faster but the vehicle seems to take its time shifting to the next gear so your maximum speed increases. The RPM meter is going to shoot up really high before the gears finally shift and RPMs drop.

This is another issue that can happen from not having enough lubrication in the transmission but can also be from years of wear and tear on this important part. An inspection will be necessary to get to the bottom of what's wrong. 

Difficulty Shifting From Park or Neutral

It's possible that you caused damage to your transmission by letting your transmission stop. This can happen from a history of reversing your car and shifting into drive, rather than coming to a complete stop before making the switch. It puts a lot of force on the transmission to stop your vehicle, which can be bad over years of doing this behavior. You will then find that the vehicle has trouble switching gears in general when simply shifting out of park and neutral. 

Unfortunately, this is a problem that will definitely require transmission repair to get everything working again. Once the repair is made, you'll then need to change your behavior to prevent it from happening in the future.