Car Repairs That You Will Need This Summer If Your Car Starts Overheating In Traffic

There are a lot of things that can cause your car to overheat in the summer weather. Sometimes, these problems can lead to severe engine damage and unexpected power loss. Therefore, you will want to know what is causing the problems if your car is overheating. The following overheating issues are some of the problems you may have to deal with this summer:

Bad Thermostats That Cause Damage

The thermostat is a component of your car's cooling system. It controls the flow of coolant when the engine is too hot. The thermostat can freeze in the closed or open position, which causes overheating. One of the repairs that may need to be done when your car is overheating is replacing the thermostat. This can often solve problems with overheating before any damage is caused to the engine or other components.

Blocked Radiator Airflow Causing Overheating

There are also various problems that can block the flow of air to the radiator. When this happens, the coolant stays hot, and your engine can overheat. Therefore, you may need to check for some issues that can block the flow of air to the radiator, including:

  • Debris getting caught behind the radiator
  • Damaged radiator shroud
  • Damaged radiator fins

These issues with blocked airflow to the radiator can easily be solved if you have the problems repaired before they cause damage.

Buildup Inside the Radiator and Cooling System

If you have an older car, the radiator and other cooling system components can become blocked with buildup. This happens over the years due to wear and will restrict the flow of coolant to the radiator and manifold. These problems can be repaired by having the cooling system drained and flushed. The repair service can also look for worn or damaged parts when flushing your car's cooling system.

Problems With Cooling System Fans

Modern cars have the radiator fan and auxiliary fans. Sometimes, these auxiliary fans are used when the engine is idling and they may be used when the temperatures are warmer. Therefore, if any of these fans stop working, your car may overheat. The good news is that repairing these issues is pretty simple and can be done quickly at a car repair shop.

These are some of the problems with overheating that you may need to have repaired this summer. Contact a car repair service for help dealing with these issues before they cause serious damage.