2 Reasons You Should Not Attempt To Replace Your Car's Brake Pads Yourself

If you have noticed that your car does not stop as quickly as it should when you apply the brakes, the brake pads may be worn. To help save a little money, you may be thinking about changing them yourself. However, there are a couple of reasons why you should not attempt this job, especially if you have no experience replacing brake pads.

1.  Pads May Not Actually Be Causing the Issues with Your Brakes

One reason why you should not try to change out your brake pads is that they may not actually be causing the issues with your brakes. Even if the pads are worn out, this may only be a symptom of another underlying issue. Alternatively, one possible cause could be that the calipers are cracked or out of alignment. Or, the rotors may be worn and jagged, causing small rips in the pads when the brakes are applied.

If you do successfully change the pads and there is another issue at play, you will find that they will only wear out quickly, requiring that you change them again. However, if you have a professional take a look at the pads, they can inspect the entire braking system. If the actual cause of the issue is found, they can fix it and replace the pads, thereby solving future problems.

2.  Brake Pad Replacement Is More Nuanced than Simply Switching Out Parts

Another reason why you should leave the task of changing out your brake pads to someone with experience is that the replacement of the pads is more nuanced than you may realize. It takes more than simply removing the old pads and installing new ones.

While you are working on the pads, there is a good chance that you could slightly move the calipers. Even if they are misaligned by a small amount, they would cause uneven braking. Also, the pads themselves look very similar, but they do have to go on a certain way and on a certain side. If you accidentally switch them, your car will not brake as effectively as it should.

With so many intricacies involved with changing the brakes, you should forego replacing them unless you have extensive experience and the necessary equipment. Instead, take your vehicle to an auto shop that offers brake repair services to have them determine the true cause of your brake issues so that they can fix and/or replace the necessary parts. Contact an auto brake repair service for more information.