What's Causing That Noise? 3 Noises And What They Could Be

If your car is making an unusual noise, don't simply turn up the radio and ignore it. Those noises are usually an indication of something being wrong with your vehicle, and you need to take it to an auto center to be diagnosed and repaired as necessary. Some noises may be easy to figure out what the problem could be, while others may take some extra diagnosing. Read on for a few noises and what they could mean.

1. Grinding

A grinding noise could indicate a problem with your brakes and may mean that your brake pads have gone so bad that they are eating into your rotors. This noise may have actually started as a squealing noise when you stopped your vehicle or attempted to slow down, and now the grinding noise has taken over. This could mean a much more expensive repair, as your brake pads need to be replaced, and your rotors may now need to be replaced as well. You may also need some other work done on your vehicle as well. 

 2. Squealing Noises

If you're hearing a squealing noise coming from beneath your hood, especially when you first start your vehicle or whenever you attempt to turn the wheel, it may be a bad serpentine belt. This belt does a lot of things for your vehicle, and if it has gone bad, you may have noticed a few other issues, not just a noise. You may also begin to have issues steering, or your engine may be sluggish. The belt can wear out with time, so if you have an older vehicle, you should have this belt looked at and have it replaced as needed.

3. Loud Tire Noises

If you are hearing loud noises coming from your tires as you drive down the road, your tires may be the issue. If your tires are bald, they will be loud on the road, and you'll also notice that you have a difficult time controlling your vehicle. If you have a flapping noise or a slapping noise, your tires may be flat or low. If your tires need attention, take your vehicle in for new tires or have your tires repaired.

If your vehicle is making any odd noises, you need to take it to an auto center to be diagnosed and repaired as necessary. Don't ignore the noises that your vehicle is making, ignoring them could be a costly error. Take it in for a repair.

Reach out to an auto center in your area for more information.