4 Subtle Signs That Your Car Needs A Routine Servicing

Auto mechanics recommend that you should have a comprehensive service for your car at least once every year. If you travel with the vehicle more often, you can get comprehensive servicing more frequently. However, not many people follow these maintenance guidelines as keenly as they should, which is why vehicles break down without warning. Fortunately, cars have computerized systems that inform you when a part is malfunctioning and needs servicing. Here are four subtle signs that your vehicle needs comprehensive servicing. 

The Dashboard Warning Lights

The first thing that will tell you it is time to service the car is your dashboard. Most vehicles will display a spanner icon on the dashboard or simply the word "service." The warning comes days before the scheduled maintenance date. It updates you on the number of days remaining until your next servicing appointment. Some vehicles also inform you when your servicing work is overdue. The service reminder appears as a general indication that you need to get the vehicle assessed and aligned but can also arise when your car has a specific issue that you need to handle. 

Unusual Noises

After using your vehicle for a specific time, you should know all the sounds it makes during normal operations. If yours starts making clicking, hissing, ticking, and other unusual noises, it is time to see an auto mechanic. You should take the vehicle to the expert immediately if the noise seems to grow louder as you drive. Pay attention to how the car behaves when you turn and when idle. Also, listen carefully to the particular sounds and where they are coming from in the vehicle. 

Dripping Fluids 

Drips are another indicator that your car needs immediate servicing. It is usual for a car to leak water through the air conditioner condensation in the summer. It is also okay for the water to come out of the exhaust during cold weather. However, if your car starts leaking colored liquids, you will have a massive issue in your hands. You could be losing power steering fluid, brake fluid, oil, and other vital vehicle components.

Power Loss

Power loss is another indication that it is time to service your vehicle. Regular servicing will prevent your car from suffering power losses. The issue could be as simple as replacing the spark plugs or a fuel injection system malfunction.

It is wise to take your vehicle to the auto mechanic immediately you notice any of these signs that you need repairs. They will resolve your car troubles in time.  

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