Four Signs That You Need Your Car Transmission Repaired

Car transmissions help drivers shift gears and ensure that the correct amount of power is transferred to their vehicle wheels at any given time. Unfortunately, transmissions may develop problems over the life of your car. A car with a faulty transmission is unsafe to drive since it may shake or otherwise operate erratically during operation. Fortunately, auto repair specialists can repair or rebuild your transmission. Here are four signs that you need your transmission repaired:

1. Your engine light indicator has turned on.

Modern cars are equipped with indicator lights to alert owners to possible problems. One of the first signs that there is a problem with your transmission is the check engine light. When you notice your check engine light, you should park your car in a safe location as soon as possible. You can check your transmission yourself if you know how. Otherwise, you should take your car to the nearest auto shop for transmission repair.

2. You notice fluid leaking from your car. 

Auto leaks are seldom a good sign. Most people notice their car leaking when they see signs of fluid on the ground after their car has been parked. Leaking transmission fluid is a sign of transmission problems. You can differentiate transmission fluid from other common auto fluids in a few different ways. Transmission fluid is not viscous like engine oil, and it may be brown or pink in color. Transmission fluid typically has a lightly sweet smell, although it may also smell burnt depending on the severity of your transmission problems.

3. You can't shift gears easily. 

Difficulty shifting gears is another common sign of a faulty transmission. This problem is typically more pronounced in cars with manual gearshifts. If you suspect transmission problems, you can take your car to an auto repair shop to have your engine examined by a professional. 

4. You smell something burning when your car is running. 

Your sense of smell is another important tool for diagnosing common auto problems. Cars experiencing engine trouble may overheat, causing transmission fluid to burn. If you smell a burning odor or witness smoke pouring from the hood of your car, this can indicate transmission trouble. It's important that you stop driving your car immediately in order to allow it to cool down. Continuing to drive when your transmission is burning can cause permanent engine damage. Fortunately, transmission repair can get your car in working order once more.

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