3 Tell-Tale Signs Your Car Needs A Tire Alignment Service

Misaligned tires are a common issue that most motorists encounter. The most common reasons why your car's tires might become misaligned include:

  • Driving on uneven terrain, for example, off-road driving
  • Driving over bumps or potholes at high speeds
  • Bad shock absorbers

However, tire misalignments are not a problem you should ignore. If you do, your car could encounter more severe issues, such as damage to the steering wheel column or suspension. 

As a result, you should always check for signs of tire misalignment so that you can get tire alignment services. Here are three common signs that state your car needs a tire alignment service. 

1. Car Pulls to One Side While Driving 

Properly aligned wheels drive your car in a straight line. Thus, you don't have to adjust the steering wheel regularly. But if your vehicle tends to pull to the left or right while you drive, it could indicate that your front wheels are misaligned. 

The front wheels are responsible for directing the car in any direction via the steering wheel. Hence, if one or both front tires are misaligned, your vehicle will pull to one side. As a result, you will notice that you regularly have to adjust the steering back to the central position when driving. 

Thus, you should take our car for a tire alignment service when you encounter such a situation. 

2. Sudden Deterioration in fuel Economy

Several factors can lead to your car having poor fuel economy. If the reason for the poor fuel economy is not a fuel leak or engine trouble, the next possible culprit is tire misalignment. 

When your tires become misaligned, they create additional resistance when driving. As a result, your engine has to work harder and consume more fuel to overcome the resistance caused by the misaligned tires. Hence, the reason for poor fuel economy. 

Therefore, if you encounter a sudden drop in your car's fuel economy, consider checking if you have misaligned tires. This step can save you money on fuel in the long run. 

3. Uneven Tire Wear 

When your car has well-aligned wheels, all the tires should wear out evenly. But, if you notice that one or more tires are wearing out more quickly than the rest, it means you have a misaligned tire.

As mentioned earlier, tire misalignment creates extra resistance to the road while driving. However, the additional resistance translates to excess friction on the misaligned tires. Hence, the added friction is why some tires wear out more quickly than others. 

So, if you notice that some of your tears have worn out more quickly than the rest, consider scheduling a tire alignment service. The sooner you have the tires aligned, the sooner you can stop the rapid tire wear.

For more information about tire alignments, contact a local professional.