Dealing With Engine Problems In Your RV Or Motor Coach

The engine powering your RV or motorcoach is similar to a semi-truck engine in size and design. Often these RVs use diesel engines, and truck shops can make repairs to them, but there are some things to consider as you look for service and RV engine repair options. 

RV Size

RVs and motorcoaches come in many sizes, and when you need RV engine repair, you need to find a shop to get the vehicle in to work on it. In some cases, the best place to take your RV is to a dealership that has a service center, but if you are on the road, you may not have that option. 

Truck repair shops are another excellent option, and they typically have large work bays and equipment and are accustomed to working on semi-trucks, so your RV is easily manageable. Some truck shops are open 24/7 as well, especially those located at a truck stop or travel center along busy truck routes. 

When you need help later at night, the accessibility of the shop can be beneficial, especially if they have mobile service or a tow truck to rescue your RV when it breaks down. If you can't find a truck shop to help you with RV engine repair, you may be able to take the vehicle to a regular automotive shop, and they may be willing to work on it outside. 

RV Dealers

Taking your RV or coach to a dealership for RV engine repair does not always require finding a shop that sells the RV brand you own. Many service centers will work on anything you have, and the engines, chassis, and running gear often start as components that come from the same source before a custom RV body is installed. 

Most RV engines come from a major manufacturer, so if the dealer can work on one RV, they likely have the tools and equipment to work on a brand other than the ones they sell. It is vital that you know what engine and transmission your RV has and calling the dealer with that information will help them determine if they can work on it immediately. 

RV engine repair can be a little complicated because the engine is in an area that is hard to reach, but an experienced tech will know how to get to the parts necessary to diagnose the problem. If the RV is not running, you will need a heavy wrecker service to tow it on for you, and the dealer may be able to recommend one in the area to get the unit to their shop and get your repairs started.  

Reach out to a diesel auto shop to learn more about RV engine repair.