Common Misconceptions About Brake Systems On Passenger Vehicles

While brakes are a very necessary component of passenger vehicles, a lot of vehicle owners don't know a lot about these auto parts. In fact, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions that can lead to undesirable situations when it comes to brake systems and brake repairs. Take a look at a few of the most common misconceptions about brakes on passenger vehicles and the true facts you can count on for guidance. 

Misconception: Most brakes on passenger vehicles don't have to be replaced. 

Brakes on passenger vehicles do have to be replaced periodically. The life span of a set of brake pads can vary depending on: 

  • Typical driving habits
  • The weight of the vehicle 
  • The type of brake pads and rotors installed 

If you are unsure about if your brakes have ever been replaced, it is best to stop by a brake repair shop so a technician can take a look. Professionals measure the remaining thickness of a brake pad to determine if replacement is necessary. 

Misconception: Auto brake repair is only necessary if your brakes are squealing. 

It is true that brakes start to squeal when the pads start to wear out. The noise comes from a small metal nub embedded in the pad that rubs against the metal rotor when the brake pads get too low. This acts as a kind of alert system to let the vehicle owner know replacement is necessary. However, brakes can and do go bad even when they are not squealing or making noise. 

Misconception: If your brakes aren't working, you only need to replace the brake fluid. 

Some people assume that brakes are a bit like the transmission in the fact that if the transmission fluid needs to be changed, the transmission does not work properly. However, this is not the same situation with brakes. Non-functioning brakes can happen if you don't have any brake fluid. However, brakes can fail for several different reasons that have nothing to do with the level of brake fluid you have in the reservoir or how old that fluid may be. 

Misconception: Brakes on passenger vehicles are expensive to replace. 

Brake replacement is not the most expensive project to pay for as a vehicle owner. In fact, most vehicle models have standard brake pads that have to be replaced, which costs in the range of $262 and $287 for most models. This price includes the cost of the replacement brake pads and the general cost you will pay for installation at an auto brake repair shop.  

Contact a brake repair service to learn more.